The BEST Thing You Can Do for Your IBS

Last week, a woman on the mat next to me in yoga class said “The current recommendations are to eat ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Is that even possible?”

My answer, “It is not only possible, it is essential!!!!”

Getting in all those servings when you have IBS is challenging, but it is the BEST thing you could be doing for your IBS. Why? Because all that plant food will nourish the bacteria within your gut and help to put your belly on a path for healing.

I am not saying to go out today and eat ten servings if yesterday you only ate one or two servings. Fruits and vegetables may be what is needed for healing, but in the short-run they can set off symptoms. Many healthy plant foods are high in FODMAPs and some IBS bellies don’t do well with raw vegetables.

So what can you do? You can start by counting up how many different types of fruits and vegetables you ate yesterday. And then today try to get that number up by one. Start with low-FODMAP options (the Monash Low-FODMAP app can be SO helpful with this process). Then next Monday try to increase the number by one more. And do this weekly until you are getting in your daily ten.

How to get those ten servings in? Green smoothies and vegetables soups are both WONDERFUL for getting in all those health-promoting veggies and fruits.

How much is a serving? You can look up the government guidelines, look on the Monash app, or listen to your body!! When you eat clean – meaning no processed, chemical-filled, sugar-filled, food – you enhance your ability to tap into your body’s own wisdom as to how much food is just right for your unique body.