Breaking the Bonds of IBS

One of the challenges of living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is coping with the way that stress triggers the illness. In this book, Dr. Bolen, a clinical psychologist, provides a comprehensive overview of IBS, describes its treatments, and helps readers establish healthy new eating habits.

Using self monitoring forms and charts, sufferers learn to manage their symptoms, develop strategies to handle flare-ups, and deal with the anxiety and depression that often accompany this common disorder.

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What the Experts Say:

“Dr. Bolen has done a remarkable job of bringing to our patients and to the general public a clearly written approach to self-management in IBS.

Dr. Bolen is able to ‘bring it alive’ through use of practical suggestions and relevant case examples. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to personally manage their symptoms or to the family and friends of IBS sufferers.”

Douglas Drossman, M.D. School of Medicine, Digestive Disorders and Nutrition, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

“Dr. Bolen’s outgoing and conversational writing style make Breaking the Bonds of Irritable Bowel Syndrome easy to read and understand. Her positive approach (using IBS as a prompt for better emotional health), gentle humor, and practical steps make this a valuable manual for the troubled IBS patient. Gastroenterologists have much to learn from Dr. Bolen’s writing as well, and will want to recommend it to their patients.
I wish I had had her assistance with the many people I have seen over thirty-one years of practice whose working and private lives were disrupted by IBS. Her book is the next best thing.”

W. Grant Thompson, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Medicine University of Ottawa

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