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free-workshop-buttonAre you tired of dealing with your stomach issues?

Be glad you have found your way to this page…

The days of “just living” with the frustration of IBS are now over. You have one life and you don’t deserve it to be filled with days of bloating, abdominal pain, and worries about your next bowel movement. You deserve to be living freely — and that is exactly what I am here to show you how to do.

I am Dr. Barbara Bolen, an IBS expert and transformational health coach. It is my mission in life to pick up where doctors leave off. To show people who have IBS that there is a way out of the IBS nightmare. 

Here is what you will be listening to…

In this free workshop you will gain a solid understanding of just what you need to be taking action on in order to start to move digestion back to where it should be – humming along quietly in the background of your life! Because when your belly is quiet, you can instead focus on living a vibrant life – spending time with the people you love and enjoying the activities that make you feel glad to be alive.

Whether you are brand-new to IBS or have been dealing with it for years, this workshop is a great first step on your journey toward freedom from IBS…

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