You are invited to take part in my guided Low-FODMAP Reboot...

Research has shown that within two weeks of following the low-FODMAP diet, most people who have IBS feel significantly better - this means less gas, less bloating, and normal, comfortable bowel movements. I am guessing that that is how you WANT to be feeling! 

BUT, the diet is challenging to follow and to stay disciplined with. This is why joining up with others who are going through it at the same time can make it all SO much easier! And you will have me to guide you through it - offering you meal suggestions and answering any questions that might come up.

Isn't it time to think about an IBS-friendly cleanse?

Join my 14 Day Low-FODMAP Reboot and you will walk away with...

  • A strong sense as to what ordinary foods are considered "safe" (low-FODMAP) and what foods are considered to be "triggers" (high-FODMAP)
  • The knowledge as to how to feed yourself on a day-to-day basis in a way that won't set off your symptoms - all that guesswork gone!
  • A belly that is quieter and less disruptive to your life - imagine that!

What’s included in this two week experience:

  • Daily support, accountability, and recipe ideas delivered through a Secret Reboot Facebook Group facilitated by me ($200 value) for the entire two weeks that you are rebooting
  • Two one-hour live Office Hour sessions within the Facebook group where you can get direct guidance from me for your success ($300 value)  
  • Reboot prep guidance, helpful handouts, and my hand-picked essential resource suggestions ($50 value) 

Who am I to lead your 14 Day Low-FODMAP Reboot?  

I am Dr. Barbara Bolen, a psychologist turned health coach and IBS expert. Through my coaching, my books, and my online work, I have touched the lives of uncountable numbers of human beings whose lives were up-ended by IBS. My passion is to help people get in alignment with just what their bodies need so they can enjoy a vibrant, symptom-free, amazing life.  

Words from some happy Rebooters...

"The Reboot group has been a tremendous help to me both physically and mentally. I'm not sure I would have done this much on my own or learned how to cook this many recipes on my own. I definitely work better in a group setting - makes it much more fun." 

"I have been eating strictly low-FODMAP now for two weeks and eliminating refined sugars as much as is in my control and I'm feeling better physically and mentally. The Reboot group has been amazing to help me keep on track and inspired with recipes." 

How it all works!

Your Reboot will take place from Monday, June 5, 2017 through Sunday, June 18, 2017. Once you sign up (click here!), you will have immediate access to resources that will show you exactly what you need to do to be ready for Reboot success! You will also be invited in to a private Reboot Facebook group.

The Reboot Facebook group will be your new home as you follow the low-FODMAP diet for your two-week Reboot. In the Facebook group, you will get:

 - Recipe suggestions for every meal 

- Support and strategies from other rebooters who are also committed to following the low-FODMAPdiet for two weeks

- Daily accountability check-ins 

- Answers to your specific Reboot questions and challenges during Barbara's two live Office Hours 


So is it time to quiet down your belly so you can have a great summer?